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Customer Care and After Sales

Our clients include leading corporations, public sector entities, publishing houses and graphic design agencies. These are clients who demand quality, right across the board, from the printing of a three-gate leaflet to the production of glossy publications and corporate collateral.

Consistency and reliability in the supply, quality and performance of the paper they use are critical to how they present themselves to their customers and competitors. Our aim is to help our clients make the most of their design, print and production budgets.

We work closely with your team, getting to know their requirements in detail, and, as ex-print people ourselves, we have the in-depth knowledge to help you get on with your job, professionally and hitch-free.

At Papyrus, we support our customers by:

Maintaining high stock levels
We have large, well-equipped warehousing in Malta and Libya and are well stocked in all our brands. We offer delivery turnaround times of a maximum of 24 hours. Our operations are backed by sophisticated stock control and just-in-time delivery software.

Providing consistently high quality paper
If you’re in the business of maintaining standards, and especially if you are repeat printing a quality publication, you need to be certain the paper you use is consistent and won’t let you down or disappoint. We guarantee the same, high level of paper quality each time you go to print. We won’t sell you anything other than promised.

Giving expert technical assistance
Our team comprises people with expertise in the print business who understand exactly how a paper performs and how to optimise your print processes to get the best results. When things go wrong, we’re on hand, personally, and virtually 24/7, to ensure you reduce down-time and avoid the costs of reprinting. We are supported closely by our international partners who not only provide us with ongoing training on their products, but are also frequently with us on site to offer expert technical assistance to our clients. Helping you help the environment: all our suppliers are endorsed by the internationally-recognised ‘Chain of Custody’ trademark issued by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). (see also » the Environment)

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