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Malta Environment Papyrus is conscious of its need to play its part in helping safeguard the environment and in building the environmental credentials of the paper industry. As a supplier and distributor, we make choices about which partner brands to select and promote within our local markets, and we do so on the basis of their commitment to the environment.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the depletion of world resources and the damage caused to our environment and atmosphere by large-scale deforestation. The bringing to market of paper products derived from intelligently-managed raw materials and produced with minimal environmental impact are key to our industry’s success. The partner brands we choose to work with are all accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council® ‘Chain of Stewardship’ indicated by its ‘Chain of Custody’ trademark.

From a customer perspective, the FSC® label represents a promise that is being made to them. The FSC’s ‘Chain of Custodư’ accreditation is related to the path taken by raw materials from the forest to the consumer, including all successive stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. The FSC is the promoter and standard setter. Operations that have been independently verified for FSC Chain of Custody certification are eligible to label their products with the FSC logo.

About FSC
Forest Stewardship Council The FSC® is a stakeholder-run, international body bringing people together to find solutions that promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests. It sets international standards for responsible forest management and accredits independent third party organisations who can certify forest managers and forest product producers to FSC standards. Its trademark provides international recognition to organisations who support the growth of responsible forest management. Its product label allows consumers worldwide to recognise products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.


The Future
The paper manufacturing industry is a heavy user of the world’s natural resources, however it has made huge strides in the past decade to reduce its consumption and environmental impact. Based upon wood, a natural renewable resource, paper is biodegradable and recyclable and a source of energy after use as well. The pulp and paper industry is, therefore, well suited to meeting the challenge of sustainable development, from the forest, through the production of pulp and paper, to its use and finally through recycling.

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