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Our consultancy work is a key area of our business and one that singles us out from many in our market space. We see our role as being an intrinsic part of our clients’ value chain and our products as providing valuable support to the communications and publishing industries.

At Papyrus, our team is well versed in the demands of the print industry and understands the competitive pressures of the world of commercial communications. We also have a deep knowledge of the paper industry: the vast range of paper types, weights and materials as well as its innovations and trends.

Consultancy In our consultancy capacity, we put this insight to work for our clients ­ print firms, design agencies and editorial staff - helping them gain competitive advantage in their respective industries by making an informed choice about paper types, the printing process and paper performance. We offer consultancy on:

  • Paper selection & performance
  • Printing processes (including advice on how to make cost-efficiencies, and the performance of machinery and inks)
  • Trouble-shooting (including pre-emptive advice, the identifying of problems and technical support to improve performance)

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